Need help translating mindfulness for your workplace?

Mindfulness continues to become a staple for employee development in numerous Fortune 500 companies. Why? Because it is the key to improving employee health and effectiveness as well as to building a workplace culture where all people can thrive.

Mindfulness is more important than ever given the uncertainty we are facing with the Coronavirus. Health and well-being practices can empower people with skills to maintain a sense of balance physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Many people are learning how to work from home for the first time. As an employer, you are in a powerful position to help them to make this transition by providing VIRTUAL SERVICES:

• Well-Being Wednesday Webinars
• Mindful Wellness Coaching
• Mindful Me® Program
• Movement Breaks
• Team Retreats

Possible Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness:

  • Improves engagement and retention
  • Cultivates resilience and reduces stress
  • Reduces risk of injuries and improves safety
  • Increases focus and effectiveness
  • Enhances everyday communication and presenting skills
  • Reduces medical costs associated with stress-related conditions