Empower your employees with new well-being skills for the journey ahead

Cheryl’s team received the Norman Vincent Peale Award for Positive Thinking.

Mindfulness continues to become a staple for employee development in numerous Fortune 500 companies. Empowering employees with new skills is critical for maintaining health and creating a workplace culture of well-being during these times of fear and uncertainty.

About 80% of us are working from home and reports show that most are working three hours more on average during this quarantine period. More than ever before, people require time to focus on their total health. Employers are perfectly positioned to do this by offering virtual services to develop community and connection.


• Webinars
• Coaching
• Mindful Me® Program
• Movement Breaks

Possible Benefits of
Practicing Mindfulness:

  • Eases anxiety and fear about the unknown
  • Develops resilience and positivity
  • Prevents worsening of underlying health conditions
  • Reduces risk of injuries and improves safety
  • Increases focus and reduces distraction
  • Builds sense of community and connection
  • Reduces risk for developing mental health issues