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Set Your Intention and Thrive in 2017!

The New Year is here! This always feels powerful to me because it means we can live with even greater intention. We can take a moment to reflect upon our accomplishments, personal growth, and the ways in which we helped others last year. It’s important to acknowledge and celebrate all of this. And then use this positive energy to thrive in 2017!

One of my accomplishments was to have written my latest book, Thriving When Your Cosmic Egg Is Cracked: A Mindful Journey. Using my story as a backdrop, this book empowers readers with skills to build resilience and evolve from surviving to thriving, even when things are falling apart. This book is not available yet, but if you subscribe to my email list, you’ll be the first to know about its release.

I’m sharing this journal activity from my book and hoping it helps you set a powerful intention for the New Year! I invite you to set aside the time you deserve to do this:

  1. Imagine yourself one year from now living as you wish to live.
  2. What specifically are you doing more of and less of?
  3. Who are you doing this with?
  4. How are you feeling?
  5. Why is this important to you?
  6. What is motivating you to make these changes?
  7. How do you think your life will be better?
  8. Turn this vision into a letter to someone who cares about you.
  9. Write this letter as though all your dreams have come true.
  10. “Dear So-and-So, I’m writing to share with you some amazing things that have happened over the past year!”
  11.  As an alternative, you can create a vision board.
  12. Read your letter or look at your vision board every night before you go to sleep.
  13. Put your wishes on God’s altar. Trust that blessings are already on their way.
  14. Every day do at least one thing that moves you closer to living this way.


May you thrive in 2017!

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