Training | Coaching | Consultation

We help individuals to create a pandemic recovery plan, and then set a course to thrive in the new normal. We consult small businesses committed to developing a workplace culture where all people can flourish.

Thriving Circles

This unique and powerful experience is designed to create lasting positive change through meaningful human interaction. Participants will address all aspects of health—physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual in order to be happier and healthier. Each group will be limited to nine (9) people to ensure personal attention and to develop a sense of community.Click here for details.

Leadership Training and Development

Our leadership training program is appropriate for supervisors, managers, and C-level executives. Our unique approach is rooted in mindfulness practices and principles. We focus on developing communication skills, emotional resilience, and mental clarity to build effective teams. Each group will be limited to nine (9) people to ensure individual attention and social connectedness.

Holistic Wellness Strategy Consultation

We will help you to develop a simple but comprehensive strategy which addresses employee well-being, engagement, and workplace culture. Research has shown that engaged employees outperform the competition. And that creating well-being at both the individual and culture levels can attract and retain a diverse workforce.

FREE Live Virtual Meditation Classes!

Come together with real people in real time to build resilience and gain clarity for the journey ahead.
MEDITATION LIVE | MONDAYS: Breathing Break Reset
MEDITATION LIVE | TUESDAYS: Balanced Morning Start