The fourth quarter of the fiscal year can be stressful.

Mindful at WorkWhether you are stressed about making your numbers, preparing for layoffs, or managing more change in your organization, mindfulness and meditation can help. Here are some of the ways:

Survive the year-end crunch.

Mindfulness can help you have greater flexibility in thinking and the ability to see a variety of possible solutions to a problem. It can help you to see clearly what the priority decision is in the moment and help you determine the best use of your energy. And if something isn’t going as planned, you’ll have the resilience to bounce back more quickly and adjust your strategy.

Give and receive difficult information.

Q4 is often a time for tough conversations in the workplace. You may be a manager helping your team adjust to a reorganization or maybe you must lay someone off. Perhaps you are an employee receiving bad news. Or maybe you are a ‘survivor’ grieving the loss of a regarded co-worker. Mindfulness helps us work with strong emotions, feel more compassion, and bring a skillful presence to the moment.

Adapt to an ever-changing business climate.

Even if we accept that the one thing we can count on is change, we still need the skills to be able to navigate the course with more grace and ease. Mindfulness practice helps us respond rather than react in stressful situations. It helps us stay focused on what we do have control of rather that what we don’t have control of. Mindfulness also helps us see what the present moment is calling for so we can be effective and contribute to the new direction.


Would you like to experience some of these benefits?

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