COVID-19 has thrown many of us into fight-or-flight response. Both our physiological and safety needs are being threatened. The fear of getting sick and not having access to food or other essential supplies is causing us to panic. This is understandable.

The problem is that racing around in this reactive state is stressful on our bodies and can weaken the immune system, the very thing that needs to be strong right now. Mindfulness can help us to regain a sense of balance physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Here are 3 ways to help yourself manage the hour-by-hour decisions being made:

  1. Become familiar with what you are feeling. Note whatever emotions are present in the moment—fear, anxiety, or panic. Stop. Breathe. Allow yourself to feel whatever you feel without judging yourself in any way.

  2. Notice the thoughts going through your mind. You may catch yourself catastrophizing or experiencing the same worrisome thought over and over. Stop. Feel your feet on the ground. Make space to be with thoughts just as they are, one at a time.

  3. Tune in to sensations in your body. You may notice tightness, aching, or shallow breathing. Stop. Follow the breath in and out. Simply become aware of whatever is happening within the body with curiosity.

Remembering to do these things is easier when we have a mindfulness meditation practice to draw from. My Mindful Me® program may be a helpful tool during this stressful time. Lesson One is FREE.

While so much is happening, that’s out of our control, we can always be in charge of how we ‘show up’ and the choices we make. We can do whatever we need to do to feel safe and secure with calmness and positivity.

The Coronavirus outbreak will eventually come to an end. I hope we will be able to look back and say that this was a time when people came together and took compassionate action.

Thrive on!

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