Greetings Mindful Friends~

I hope springtime is bringing you a sense of freshness and possibility!

As for me, I’m celebrating career well-being. I never imagined back in 1996, when I did my first of three professional trainings in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), that I’d end up leading a mindfulness strategy in a Fortune 50 company.

I was drawn to mindfulness because I wanted to help my clients and because my husband at the time was causing an enormous amount of stress in my life. As it turned out, he was indicted for a range of white-collar crimes and went to prison. We got divorced, I had to file for bankruptcy, and I became a solo parent for a decade. My mindfulness practice helped me to survive the full catastrophe of my life.

During that time I entered Corporate America working for Aetna. Six years later, I became Director of Mindfulness reporting to our Chief Mindfulness Officer. If not for Chairman and CEO, Mark Bertolini, none of this would have been possible. As fate or luck would have it, I was featured in the Aetna Story 2016.

Friends often ask me what it’s like to work in an industry people don’t like. After all, health insurers are in the bottom five. For me, it’s about making an impact. I feel honored and grateful for the opportunity to bring mindfulness to my fellow employees, to the members we serve, and to our communities.

I believe mindfulness can help us find our passion and create a life full of meaning and purpose. May you be present in the moments of your life and follow your heart.