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Mindfully Managing Technology

We’re exposed to screens — TVs, cellphones, even G.P.S. devices — for about 8.5 hours on any given day.

On average we check our smart phones 150 times a day.

We have cable TV packages providing us access to thousands of shows and movies. We can even take our entertainment with us so we don’t miss out on anything. I’m with Bruce Springsteen. “There was fifty-seven channels and notin’ on.”

As for the news, we’re wired to seek out dramatic, negative events. We may not be chased by saber-toothed tigers, but our brains often think we are. Living in a state of chronic hyperarousal is taxing on the immune system.

Research shows the negative psychological impact of watching the news on TV. It makes us fearful and anxious.

I’m not saying we should unplug from technology completely. I’m inviting us to better manage it.

The first step in creating new healthy habits is awareness. We start by being more aware of how often and when we use our screens. We notice how this impacts our mood, thoughts, and conversations.

Then we set parameters. We can designate certain spaces in our lives where the use of screens is off limits such as: upon awakening, meals, driving, grooming, and bedtime.

Managing technology helps us to live more fully in the moment—the one we’re in right now.

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