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Mindful shopping

Most of us engage in a bit of retail therapy.

Some folks shop supermarket sweepstakes style as a regular way of coping with stress. While this can improve our mood at the time it only worsens stress levels when the bills come in.

Shopping is a challenge these days. Going into any store can feel like psychological warfare. We’re bombarded with messages that challenge our values and products we didn’t know we needed.

So how do we enjoy a ‘comfort buy’ without breaking the bank?

Mindfulness. Pause and follow a few breaths in and out while you’re in your car in the parking lot. This will help you be calm and think more clearly.

Pull out your wish list. If you don’t have a wish list, make one. As you’re working in your garage or kitchen you may discover something that would make your life easier. Or you might find a hole in your wardrobe. Write it down. Keep an ongoing list.

This will help you treat yourself and avoid impulse shopping.

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