The fall equinox arrives on Wednesday, September 23rd. Autumn is the season for letting go.

Most of us will spend one-third of our adult lives working. We all want to feel a sense of meaning and purpose about the work we do. Mindfulness can help us achieve this.

As you approach the last quarter of the year I’d like to invite you to think about how you approach your work life.

We’ve been trained to multitask, to work long hours, and to live in a state of stress reactivity. We’ve been taught to force, jam and strive our way to the finish line. We’ve been conditioned to admire people who run around totally stressed out.

What if you could enjoy your work and avoid the burnout that comes from chronic stress? What if you could work less and get more done? What if at the end of the workday you had energy to do something you love? All this is possible!

Learn to let go of business practices that no longer serve you. Join me for a two-day training where you can learn mindfulness skills and practices that will re-energize your work life.

If this venue doesn’t work, I’d be happy to bring this training to your organization. Just contact

Happy Autumn!