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Let’s Stop Wearing Our Busyness as a Badge of Honor

We wear our busyness like a badge of honor.
Somehow running around stressed out is how we’ve learned to demonstrate our value.
The perception has been that the busier and more stressed we appear, the more important we must be.

I’d like to suggest that calm is the new cool.

Mindfulness is about consciously choosing what we do and how we do it. It involves the manner in which we approach the day and the tasks on our ‘to do’ lists.

I invite you to watch this 1-min video, which highlights the benefits of practicing mindfulness at work.

Mindfulness will enable you to get your work done even more effectively and with greater ease. It will also help you arrive with a skillful presence.

Try these mindful work tips:

  1. Multitask Less– As you go through the day, see if you can do one thing at a time whenever possible. This will help you make fewer mistakes and feel less stressed.
  2. Listen More– When you have a conversation, note when your mind wanders off or starts to formulate what you’re going to say next. Bring your attention back to simply listening.
  3. Manage Technology Better– Turn off notifications. Set aside time to respond to emails rather than being distracted by them. Put your IM on “Do Not Disturb”.

May you experience a greater sense of well-being at work!

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