If you’re like most people you race through the workday in fight-or- flight mode acting as though you’re in the middle of a fire drill.

Mindfulness can help you stay balanced and move through the workday with more ease.

Before every meeting or phone call, pause, put both feet on the ground and follow one breath in and out. No one even needs to see you do this. This will help you arrive at with a skillful presence.

Mindfulness can be particularly helpful when you’re in a meeting, on a call, or engaged in any interaction when someone is saying something you don’t like.

You can feel yourself getting ready to react. Your thoughts are racing. Your heart is pounding.

Follow your breathing. Notice where you feel your breathing the most; at the nostrils, chest, or abdomen. Let your attention rest there as you are listening to the other person talk.

This will help you keep calm, stay balanced, see clearly and solve the problem.