Whether we find the cold weather pleasant or unpleasant, the season of winter has a gift for us.


This time of year can be a little confusing because everything in nature is calling us inward. Yet the holidays call us outward. Try to move gently through the next couple of weeks balancing time out and time in.


By the time Winter Solstice arrives on December 21st, we’ll be ready to hibernate! This is the gift of winter—the opportunity to get to know ourselves better. And to live with greater authenticity.


First, we acknowledge the blessings of our lives. We practice gratitude for all that happened and didn’t happen this year.


We reflect upon the ways in which we can live even more aligned to our personal values and individual calling.


Winter says: It’s time to welcome the darkness. And to contemplate what ember inside us wants to become a flame? We “let go” in the fall to make room for something new to emerge. Perhaps a new job, relationship, way of thinking, or way of engaging in life.


Mindfulness helps us stop, breathe, and ‘be’ with ourselves. We can take quiet walks in the woods; sit by the fireside, and light lots of candles. We can turn away from our screens and look into ourselves.


Here are some questions you can explore:


  • What brings you comfort and joy?
  • What ember inside you wants to become a flame?
  • How can you be more authentic?
  • Who will you surround yourself with so you can thrive?



Winter is the time to hibernate, contemplate, and nurture our authenticity. To get tips and insights like these delivered to your inbox, subscribe to Mindful Morsels emails.