Do you desire to have a positive impact on other people? Mindfulness helps us do this.

We begin with awareness of how our words, attitudes, and behaviors may be affecting others in our interactions.

We can observe their facial expressions and body language in response to what we’ve just said or done.

Mindfulness helps us be more present in the moment and say what we mean. It helps us stay calm and be articulate.

We can notice when the mind is thinking of something clever to say when the other person stops talking. There’s no need to judge ourselves.

We can simply bring our attention back to breathing in and out. This helps us relax, be patient, and focus on what the other person is saying. When we deeply listen we can often read between the lines and hear what is left unsaid.

Mindfulness helps us truly listen to others. Deep listening is a gift and offers healing in a world filled with distractions.