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Mindful Exercise

A Bridge Between Yoga and Exercise

Mindful Exercise is a practice, not a program. The difference is that a practice is a process, which has its own natural unfolding that cannot be manipulated.

Mindful Exercise offers a workout and a “work-in” experience, which cultivates moment-to-moment awareness through the breath and movement. Mindful Exercise presents seven spiritual practices, one for each day of the week, with illustrations of their corresponding exercise trios. A specific format for this twenty-minute practice is also presented, and a CD is enclosed that describes how to execute each exercise.

Thriving When Your Cosmic Egg Is Cracked

A Mindful Journey

Most people experience a time when they feel overwhelmed by heartbreak and grief from loss. Rather than loss related to death, in this book the author explores the broader mean of loss.

Using my story as a backdrop, this book empowers readers with skills to build resilience and evolve from surviving to thriving, even when things are falling apart. After 10 years of holding this book in my heart, it’s finally out there! In this podcast, I chat with Jeff Verney about what a cosmic egg is, and why I was inspired to tell this story.