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Mindful Me

Mindful Me® is a mobile friendly, online, self-paced mindfulness meditation program. Mindful Me offers seven simple lessons you can do in any order as often as you like. The program is appropriate for all levels of meditation experience, beginner to advanced.
Mindful Me Meditation App

Mindful Me® is founded on Cheryl’s extensive training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) at the UMass Medical School’s Center for Mindfulness as well as her own life’s journey with mindfulness meditation and mindful living.

If you’re like most people you’re craving a sense of peace.

  • Have you been struggling with work-life and web-life balance?
  • Do you worry about unemployment and finances?
  • Are you managing a health issue?
  • Do you feel exhausted from caring for aging parents, children, or both?

What you get:

  • mindfulness videos
  • meditation audios
  • e-worksheets
  • support from online discussion groups
  • access to podcast library
  • weekly inspirational emails
  • technical support
  • ability to connect with a coach

The Mindful Me program will help you:

  • lower stress and increase resilience
  • have more energy and sleep better
  • reduce mind-wandering and improve memory
  • feel more love, compassion, and kindness
  • manage aches and pains
  • break free of habitual thoughts
  • improve your health and well-being

Investing in yourself positively impacts every area of your life!

Get Started

You don’t need a special place or time. Or any particular clothing or equipment. You only need a willingness to make time to be with yourself. You can access the entire program now for a one time fee of $19.99