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Mindfulness Helps Us Cultivate Trust

My mindfulness practice has helped me cultivate an attitude of trust, which is real important when navigating the turbulence of life. Let me try to explain. Trust means that we believe in the benevolence of life—the basic goodness in ourselves, others, and the world. At...

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A few weeks ago I hurt my back quite badly.

I had been going to yoga classes regularly throughout the winter. Excited for spring, I dialed it up. One week I went to class four days in a row. That wouldn’t have been a problem by itself. It was my attitude that got me into trouble. Here’s...

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Let’s Stop Wearing Our Busyness as a Badge of Honor

We wear our busyness like a badge of honor. Somehow running around stressed out is how we’ve learned to demonstrate our value. The perception has been that the busier and more stressed we appear, the more important we must be. I’d like to suggest that calm is the...

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