I used to think I was a good listener until I started practicing mindfulness.

I noticed how often I would be formulating what I was going to say when the other person stopped talking. I became aware of my own impatience, judgments, and desire to come up with the perfect response.

Mindfulness will help you notice when you’re trying to solve someone else’s problem rather than simply listen. You can notice what you’re intention is. Perhaps it’s genuinely to be helpful or maybe it’s to be controlling.

See if you can let go and trust that the other person has what they need to be successful. Notice when your mind starts to shift into problem solving mode.

Take a breath and come back to hearing the words the other person is saying. You can nod your head, smile, or say something that let’s them know you’re listening.

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As parents we’re also mentors. Mentoring is about developing your own personal leadership brand. Ask yourself, what do you stand for? What are the most important things you want your children to learn from you? Or remember about you?

Mindfulness helps us know ourselves more deeply. It helps us be more authentic. It’s about being secure and trusting the intention behind our decisions.

One of the best gifts we can give our children is to model being happy. When we as parents are running around stressed out it causes our children to feel anxious. We can pause and ask ourselves, “Is racing my kids from one activity to the next with no downtime how I want to remember these years?”

Mindfulness will help you not miss the little things; like when your child is excited to show you something, a smile or a hug.

Being fully present for just a few minutes can go a long way. It can help you feel nourished and help your child feel valued.

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My goal is to help you learn how to weave mindfulness into your life in simple, practical ways. This is the intention behind my recently launched podcast library. I hope these podcasts will inspire you to take another step along your mindful path. And that you’ll share these with your friends.

May you blossom this summer!

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If you’re like most people you race through the workday in fight-or- flight mode acting as though you’re in the middle of a fire drill.

Mindfulness can help you stay balanced and move through the workday with more ease.

Before every meeting or phone call, pause, put both feet on the ground and follow one breath in and out. No one even needs to see you do this. This will help you arrive at with a skillful presence.

Mindfulness can be particularly helpful when you’re in a meeting, on a call, or engaged in any interaction when someone is saying something you don’t like.

You can feel yourself getting ready to react. Your thoughts are racing. Your heart is pounding.

Follow your breathing. Notice where you feel your breathing the most; at the nostrils, chest, or abdomen. Let your attention rest there as you are listening to the other person talk.

This will help you keep calm, stay balanced, see clearly and solve the problem.

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I’m passionate about mindfulness. I believe it can transform workplace culture through mindful leadership and increased employee well-being and performance. Mindfulness will empower your organization to achieve business excellence, navigate change, and improve employee engagement.

I’d like to invite you to join me November 16-17 at Copper Beech Institute where we’ll nurture passion for your work and compassion for others.

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