The summer solstice arrives on June 21st and I’m ready to come into full bloom. How about you?

That’s what summer is about: blossoming. We plant the seeds of what we want next in our lives during the spring, and summer allows us to take off – ruffle our feathers and shake our petals.

Summer says: It’s time to play. It’s time to say “yes.” It’s time to love.

During the spring, I continued to deepen my understanding of love. I learned what’s most important is being able to give and receive love. This summer, I will expand my capacity to love myself and, in turn, increase my ability to love others.

Mindfulness helps us gently observe love in our lives every day. Love of self enables us to blossom.

Here are some questions you can explore:
• How will you shake your petals?
• What within you is ready to come into its fullest expression?
• How will you play?
• Who will you play with?
• What opportunity will get you to say: Yes!

Wishing you every possible summer blessing!

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