As your coach I will introduce you to mindfulness so you can lower stress.

Stress keeps us from doing things that build resilience. Things like: staying physically active, eating healthy foods, sleeping, creating healthy relationships, and doing what we love. We can focus on whatever’s most important to you.

You are creative, resourceful, and whole. Coaching is about co-creating strategies and identifying small steps that will help you craft a happy, healthy, resilient life.

I’ll help you cultivate your inherent capacity for awareness. I’ll introduce you to a variety of simple, practical meditations you can do anytime, anywhere.

Coaching can be done in whatever way works best for you: over-the-phone, Skype/FaceTime, in-person, on a walking path, e-mail, and text messages.

Click here to learn more about resilience coaching with Cheryl Jones.

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Sharing this article about Aetna’s journey to walking a more mindful path. Grateful to be helping Aetna evolve from being a company that offers a comprehensive suite of wellness programs to one that creates organization health.

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Today I really messed up

Last night I co-facilitated a presentation on mindfulness and self-compassion. Good thing because this morning I really needed a dose of my own medicine.

During the presentation we talked about how mindfulness can help us be more in the moment and notice when we are criticizing ourselves. We discussed how when we are less judgmental of ourselves it’s easier to be less judgmental of others.

Perhaps you’ve had such judging thoughts. I’m referring to the ones about not being good enough, smart enough, thin enough, attractive enough, etc.

In our presentation we addressed how with awareness it is possible to heal from perfectionism one episode at a time.

For example, today I really messed up. I scheduled a trip to Florida for my daughter and I to visit a college. Everything was going perfectly until we arrived at the gate. It was then that I noticed our flight was for 7:15PM, not AM!

In that moment I was furious with myself. I was filled with self-hatred for being so stupid. I dreaded walking back to my daughter to tell her my mistake.

We are now on stand by. I am breathing. I am practicing self-compassion. I am trying to cut myself a break. I am trusting we will get there with ease. I am writing this blog to comfort me.

If you make a mistake today, try to be kind to yourself.

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Trust is a mindfulness practice. This means it can be cultivated.

It starts with a belief in the basic goodness of you, others, and the world. If you don’t have this belief right now, it’s okay. Perhaps you can open your mind to this possibility.

Trust also involves being authentic, accepting yourself as you are, and knowing your value.

Let me share something that happened the other day.

I was at the bakery counter in the super market. I asked the young man to slice my loaf of bread. When he presented my bread it was tossed about the bag making it impossible to fit into the cover bag without several rips and tears.

I noticed myself feeling annoyed and wanted my bread to be packaged properly. I took a breath and with a smile I asked if he could give it another try. I told him I’d be back in five minutes.

I went to the ladies room. Upon exiting I literally bumped into a very dear childhood friend who I haven’t seen in years. We embraced each other. I felt love, joy, and gratitude.

I walked back to the bakery. The young man proudly presented my loaf of bread. And I practically skipped out of the grocery store.

Here’s my point. If I didn’t honor my sometimes perfectionist self and just took the bread as it was, I would likely not have seen my friend. It was one of those timing things.

Here’s how you can practice trust.

Be present in the moments of your day. Be true to yourself. Flirt with trusting the benevolence of life.

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