Winter Solstice

The winter solstice arrives on December 21st and I’m ready to hibernate. How about you?

That’s what winter is about: becoming more authentic. We can acknowledge the blessings of our lives and the ways in which we’ve grown throughout autumn.

Winter says: It’s time to welcome the darkness. And to contemplate what ember inside us wants to become a flame? We “let go” in the fall to make room for something new to emerge. Perhaps a new job, relationship, way of thinking, or way of engaging in life.

Mindfulness helps us stop, breathe, and ‘be’ with ourselves. We can take quiet walks in the woods, sit by the fireside, and light lots of candles. We can turn away from our screens and look into ourselves.

Here are some questions you can explore:

• What’s beautiful to you?
• What ember inside you wants to become a flame?
• How can you be more authentic?
• Who will you surround yourself with?

Winter is the time to hibernate, contemplate, and nurture our authenticity.

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Let Go this Autumn

The autumn equinox arrives on September 23rd and I’m ready to let go of some things. How about you?

That’s what autumn is about: letting go. We can reflect upon all that blossomed in our lives and how we’ve grown over the summer.

Autumn says: It’s time to take note of what we are gathering in. And to determine what we can let go of.

Mindfulness helps us be aware of all that is right about our lives and to count our blessings. At the same time we can let go of what doesn’t serve us anymore. This may be a behavior, belief, or way of thinking. Trust enables us to let go like the leaves that fall from the trees with the knowing there will one day be new buds again.

Here are some questions you can explore:

• What’s your harvest?
• What are you grateful for?
• What can you let go of?
• What can you remove from your ‘backpack’ to lighten the load?

Autumn is the time to let go and trust that some blessing is on its way even though we can’t see it.

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