Mindfulness helps us to live with greater intention and follow through.

As you begin this week think about how you wish to engage in your life.

Let’s start with just today. Consider the people you will be in relationship with— yourself, family members, co-workers, even strangers driving in the next lane.

How would you like to present yourself? What kind of response would you like to receive from others? How will you take good care of you?

The follow through comes from being aware and awake in the present moment. It’s about creating a pause, taking a breath, and asking one simple question:

Is the choice I am about to make aligned with my intention?

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As your coach I will introduce you to mindfulness so you can lower stress.

Stress keeps us from doing things that build resilience. Things like: staying physically active, eating healthy foods, sleeping, creating healthy relationships, and doing what we love. We can focus on whatever’s most important to you.

You are creative, resourceful, and whole. Coaching is about co-creating strategies and identifying small steps that will help you craft a happy, healthy, resilient life.

I’ll help you cultivate your inherent capacity for awareness. I’ll introduce you to a variety of simple, practical meditations you can do anytime, anywhere.

Coaching can be done in whatever way works best for you: over-the-phone, Skype/FaceTime, in-person, on a walking path, e-mail, and text messages.

Click here to learn more about resilience coaching with Cheryl Jones.

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We practice mindfulness because we suffer from the human condition. We all possess both light and shadow. Mindfulness helps us behave ethically.

We often hear today that mindfulness helps us increase our productivity. This goes against one of the fundamental principles of mindfulness known as “non-striving”. In mindfulness practice we’re not trying to achieve anything, not even enlightenment.

Mindfulness is about remembering to be aware in the present moment. This means we are conscious of the choice we’re making. We are aware of how this choice may impact either ourselves or other people.

Do I truly want to eat another cookie or have that third glass of wine? Do I want to be known as a leader who drives my employees so hard that they must work all weekend? Is sleeping around truly making me happier? What do really get out of bashing my child’s other parent?

We practice mindfulness so that we can be kinder, more compassionate people. We practice mindfulness so that we can ease suffering for self and others. Every other claim of mindfulness is a by-product of something much grander.

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I took today off from my day job. I needed to create some space to just be.

My mindfulness practice has helped me know myself better. I’ve learned to trust my instinct, intuition, inner knowing or whatever you wish to call this.

I had no plan. I had some ideas about what I wanted to accomplish but no particular agenda.

As I was working on a task I heard a knock on my door. Thinking it was a delivery I headed to answer it.

To my surprise it was my son looking handsome as ever. He came to show me his new motorcycle. We enjoyed a meaningful conversation and I made him a sandwich.

He didn’t know I had taken the day off. As Life would have it, I was home. I could have been at yoga class or out doing errands.

Feeling nourished and joyful from our visit.

When we are willing to create space we give Life the opportunity to fill it!

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Mindfulness helps us create and/or uphold family values.

Even though we may know what our values are, it’s not so easy to live according to them. We’re constantly bombarded with messages about what we’re supposed to value by a society that for the most part no longer knows what a value looks like.

Advertisements sell a value system that leaves us always wanting more. Every day we make decisions about what we watch on TV, the music we listen to, the magazines, newspapers, and books we read, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the people we spend our time with.

Mindfulness helps us practice discernment. Living in the moment we realize we have choices. We’re making them all day long whether we choose to pay attention or not.

Awareness in the moment helps us make choices that are congruent with our family values. And this creates a sense of well-being.

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